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Nottinghamshire, is the heartland of British upholstery and home to brand leaders; Duresta, who have been producing fine quality sofas here since 1938. Designing and developing handmade furniture using only the finest materials and highly skilled craftspeople with a wealth of experience.

Actively and relentlessly seeking out wonderful fabrics with excellent designs, constantly evolving to remain relevant at the forefront of soft coverings. Sitting at the core of the collection, is the embodiment of classic English style, with unique contemporary twists which you can influence with bespoke selections. Using decades of acquired experience, Duresta have mastered and refined traditional furniture-making methods to provide, stunning perfection, with every detail being hand finished by craftspeople, who are extremely proud of everything they create. Infusing these skills along with absolute dedication to beautifully crafted furniture, ensuring Duresta fine reputation remains as one of the very best upholsterers.

Duresta Trafalgar Group
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Artisan Heritage

Having mastered English artisan furniture-making, this does not mean Duresta can rest on there laurels. There is always work to be done, styling, designing and making furniture, while maintaining very special relationships that Duresta enjoys with furniture retailers, which will undoubtedly continue on for many years to come.

Duresta also have a fantastic relationship and long standing history, which they are extremely proud of, with the National Trust. Allowing their design teams to study inspirational, unique pieces of furniture from stately homes, country manors and castles around Britain, and recreate these classic looks

Duresta at Clarkes

Now showing on the ground floor in the recently installed studio, with stunning ranges like the Ruskin, Waldorf and Southsea available from the main collection, along with all the fabric ranges and samples of interiors, feet and brochures containing other available options. If you are interested in a particular range, please contact the store for further details on: Tel 01622 753073 or click here to use the contact form

Sofa Ranges


Duresta Ruskin Range

Classic splayed high arms inviting you to relax on the deep filled seats, strongly supported with a coil sprung system hidden by beautiful soft coverings and all elegantly stood proudly on quality wood and castor legs. Available in Leather or Fabric.


Duresta Waldorf Range

Iconic traditional sofa styling that truly offers what you would expect from luxury seating. Deep comfortable seats, supported with high backs along with bold arms. Available in a wide range of sizes, options, colours and fillings, all finished with wooden feet.


Duresta Southsea Range

Traditional design that provides supreme comfort, particularly if you are looking for additional lumber support. Shown here with castor and wooden legs, but why not add a hand stitched, pattern matched, fully lined valance, to produce a stunning bottom line.

Strength & Durability

Duresta understand the building blocks of quality home furniture, but this is not enough, design is seriously important to establish not only the look, but also comfort and durability. All furniture frames are made to last, using fully seasoned hardwoods, which are engineered at the point of design to withstand everyday usage, while remaining strong for many years to come. These frames are, dowelled, glued and screwed together, producing a stable and extremely robust foundation.

In todays world of throw away products, there are companies making much lower quality frames that are only stapled with an assortment of cheaper composite materials being used, these keep the cost as low as possible and reduce life expectancy. Duresta have never entertained such notions, they believe in providing extraordinary furniture that people will love for generations, starting from the inside, which means their frames will always be made from the very best available solid woods. Now we have established how good the frame is, lets review how Duresta build in comfort as a matter of course. Coil springing is used to create the perfect support system, these springs will interact perfectly with the seat cushions to ensure a long lasting comfortable and supportive sit.

Duresta Production Process

Pattern Perfection

Duresta Fabric Roll
Duresta Coco Chair

Precision Sits Comfortable When Matched

Duresta is quite legendary with its vast complement, of what is considered, the very best soft fabric materials available in todays market. As you can imagine these fabrics involve patterns that range from seriously complexed, offering very challenging multiple match points, to more contemporary subtle combinations or even delightful heathers and luxury crushed velvets options. All of which are very careful scrutinised by expert designers, to ensure no matter what the finish, if it's possible to match, then Duresta’s architects will skillfully piece together a construction template. This will enable each and every fabric to be hand finishing by the upholstery team, with superbly precise coordination.

There are other factors to consider such as pile direction and intersections that could cause same batch fabrics to look slightly different in shades, it is very important to use fabric, not only to produce the most stunning appearance, but its also critical everything is aligned to optimise performance for comfort and durability. Beyond this fine collection of fabric from Duresta, is an option for you to supply suitable upholstery grade material, this can be from any fabric source, Duresta’s design team will implement as a bespoke option, allowing you to match, coordinate or contrast with pretty much anything you desire. Ask in-store for more details on this service, for advice on which fabrics are suitable for such a project.

Dedication to Quality

Duresta Wing Chairs

All The Small Details

Colourful, opulent luxury through great quality products, is how Duresta has established itself as a brand leader in the world of furniture manufacturing, but what makes it so special for you the customer?

At Lenleys we think its down to all the small details that you can customise and accessorise to suit your home. For example you can often select piping or cording to match or coordinate, use scatter cushions, which can also be embellished with cording, buttons or piping. Choose seating that offers a choice of foam, feather and fibre fillings or feet that are available in various colours, with or without solid castors. It could be that you would prefer a valance instead to cover the feet, whatever you desire, this world of bespoke detail certainly gives you the designers tools to create the ideal sofa, chair or stool to fit your personal desires.

Apprentice at Duresta

Spoilt for Choice

Duresta Fabric Colour Board

A Small Glimpse at the Vast Fabrics Available

Over 500 Fabrics to Choose From

Duresta Lansdowne Chair

To truly be a brand leader, Duresta has buyers researching and locating the very best quality materials and currently offers over 500 colours ways, providing huge scope to create bespoke furniture. The fabric selection will influence the overall cost considerably, this is due to a number of factors, like the size of the pattern, obviously a bigger pattern, equals more fabric, which will require to be perfectly match up on the finished product. Choosing a fabric will always be a huge consideration when purchasing a sofa, predominately because it is the main feature that will need to match other furniture or contrast with other items, such as flooring, walls and window treatments.

When you are selecting a Duresta sofa remember, these can also be embellished with elements like, contrast piping, cords, tassels, matching valances and scatter cushions. Those clever designers at Duresta have teamed up with the internet cyber providers to help customers visualise how the finished sofas will look. Available now to use, the Duresta configurator allows you to see shapes of sofas that you like and cover them with fabrics that are available, including being able to select scatters in different colours to the main frame, to see this in action click here

When Clarkes deliver your handcrafted sofa from Duresta, all the packaging will be removed and taken away. Our team will place the furniture in the area you would like and if there are any wooden feet to be attached in place of transit castors, this will be done. All interior walk ways will be covered with temporary covers, to enable our team to deliver the item/s without damaging or marking your property. We are expert furniture handlers that you can trust to deliver.

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