Frequently Asked Questions


Can I place an order if I'm not a UK resident?

Yes, at Clarkes we're happy to accept orders from outside the UK, and we have many satisfied customers across Europe and Scandinavia. We will however ask that you arrange a courier to collect and deliver your items from our warehouse. Alternatively we can notify you when your furniture is ready and you can pick up the items yourself. For any more details or advice regarding buying from outside the UK, please contact us here

Is it possible to make a change to my order after it's been placed?

This is entirely dependent upon which brand you have ordered from, as each manufacturer's timescale is different. We like to advise that an amendment made within 2 weeks of your order may be accepted. However, due to the made-to-order nature of our furniture we can not guarantee this.

Can you supply custom sofas, chairs or upholstery?

In short, yes. A lot of the manufacturers who supply Clarkes have flexibility in their sizing, colouring, fabric choice, finishings and more. Bring your room measurements along with you when you visit our store and you'll be surprised at the array of bespoke furniture we can offer.

Do you sell furniture that can assist with mobility?

We have a large collection of upholstery and beds that can provide mobility assistance, including electric lift and rise chairs and remotely adjustable beds with quality orthopaedic mattresses.

Can you supply custom bed and mattress sizes?

Yes, if required we can commission bespoke luxury beds and mattresses to custom sizes. If you have a feature bed, such as a four-poster we can even create a mattress with custom corner cut-outs, measured perfectly to your frame.

Can I have two different spring tensions in my mattress?

Yes you can. Depending on weight, body shape and preference we can custom make your mattress to suit you and your partner. Different tensions on each side cater to each of you independently, ensuring you both get the best nights sleep you can.

How long will it be until my order is delivered?

Because the majority of our furniture is made custom to your requirements we usually advise that your order will be ready for delivery within 8-12 weeks. This is dependent on supplier, and for some non-bespoke items we may be able to deliver within a much shorter window. For product specific lead times please call our store on 01622 753073.


Is online payment safe?

Paying online is just as safe as paying in store. Our website is equipped with an advanced security certificate, and we ensure all of your data is encrypted and unreadable by any potential threats. On top of this, we use a secure payment provider that authorise your payment direct from your bank, meaning as a final line of defence your bank will deny any false payments. We don't store your details, and we never share any customer information with third party companies.

What forms of payment will you accept?

In store we can accept all major credit and debit cards aswell as American Express. For made-to-order purchases we can accept a deposit of 25% on the day of sale and you can pay the further 75% nearer to your delivery date. We offer interest free credit for most purchases over £1,000. Lastly you may also pay by cash or bank transfer, however this will need to be agreed in store. Online we currently can only accept payments from debit and credit card (American Express is accepted in store only).

Can I apply online for Interest Free Credit?

Currently no, we ask that you come in to store if you would like to apply for interest free credit. There is a short application procedure that one of our staff will be more than happy to assist you with. Read about our current interest free credit offers and what you'll need to apply here.

When will I have to pay my remaining balance?

Once your order is ready for delivery or collection we will contact you and you can pay your remaining balance by card over the telephone, or alternatively you can visit the store to pay. For all orders we require full payment at least 2 days before your arranged delivery date. 


Will you take away my old furniture?

We offer a disposal service for any old items of furniture you may be replacing. Due to the extra time taken by our delivery team, and the cost of commercial disposal we must charge for this service, however we keep our costs to the very minimum. For the first item we charge £50 and for every subsequent item we charge an additional £25.

Please call or visit the store to inform us if you'd like to use this service.

To ensure we can limit time and cost we ask that large items such as wardrobes and bedsteads are dismantled ready for our delivery team to take away. Old mattresses must be wrapped in a plastic bag, which we can provide in store at time of ordering, or at delivery if given prior notice.

How long will the delivery and installation of my order take?

The duration of delivery and installation will depend on the type of furniture ordered and the quantity. For wardrobes, bedframes and cabinet furniture etc. our delivery team advise roughly 1 hour and 30 minutes. With simple furniture orders there can usually be a turn around of less than 30 minutes.

Who will deliver my furniture?

All of our delivery team are employed exclusively by Clarkes and our sister company Lenleys. Our delivery staff go through strict checks in their hiring process so that we can ensure a fantastic, highly skilled and trustworthy team. On odd occasions for deliveries outside of Kent and the surrounding counties we will enlist the help of a highly professinal 3rd party courier service.

Will you assemble my furniture order?

We will assemble all of your ordered furniture and ensure it's ready to use by the time our delivery team leave your home.

What if my furniture arrives and I find a fault with it?

For the rare occasion that there is a fault with an item, our customer service department will be more than happy to help. A member of staff will deal personally with your case and be available on the phone at any time. We will contact the manufacturers directly, and arrange a repair or replacement as soon as possible, minimising any inconvenience.

At Clarkes we pick the suppliers we work with carefully, and if we have a number of service issues arise in succession we will end our dealings with this company. By doing so we ensure the the chances of our customers ever receiving a faulty item is kept to the absolute minimum.

Is my delivery date guaranteed?

It is very rare that we push back a delivery date, however sometimes things outside of our control may occur and conflict with the initial set date. If this happens then our customer service department will be in contact with you straight away to keep you informed of any changes.