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The German home of sofas and recliners, from to a town called Taufkirchen, just outside Munich in the Bavarian region. Since 1948 Himolla has been one europe's leading producers of quality upholstered furniture from its state of the art factory, using technology from the automotive industry to create high quality furniture.

Himolla has a large range of furniture, in-fact so large they have carefully grouped them into three collections. The first of which is Cumuly, extremely comfortable as its name suggests, with the added benefit of functionality; that includes an integrated foot and backrest system. Look out for the Chester, Rhine, and Mosel which have proven to be very popular over the last few years. Zerostress does exactly what its says, sit relax and let the stress of a busy day drift away. The footrest option has an automatically adjusting headrest with progressive active lumbar support that works as you sit back with the reclining action. Cosyform offering a range of the most comfortable recliners ever produced.

Himolla Chester Upholstery

Award Winning Environment

We are all aware how important it is to protect the planet and Himolla takes this very seriously indeed. From planning to production, controlling emissions, energy balance, materials and waste, Himolla has been earning awards since 1998 for its care and consideration towards the environment. Achieving and retaining great green credentials is definitely not an easy path, obtaining recyclable materials and dealing with reliable suppliers that can ensure sustainability is difficult. Himolla as manufacturers, require vast quantities of materials, such as wood, metal, paints, leather, fabric, plastic and chemicals to produce moulded foam, all of which go into furniture products. Each of these components need expert handling and planning to ensure the required environmental compliance.

Himolla at Clarkes

Visit the Maidstone showroom and see the Himolla studio showing the latest collections. With popular sofa ranges like the Rhine and the Chester displayed beautifully in an array of leathers and colours. Our team of expert advisors have been fully trained by Himolla, which means they know the difference between standard cut foam and cold cure moulded foam, along with how this benefits the support systems. Couple this with our knowledge and experience dealing with Leather sofas and you will find everything you need to know about Himolla, from a company you can trust to deliver.



Tempur Original

Sofas with sweeping curves, creating a fabulous contemporary look that mixes strong T shape metal legs with optional integrated recliner systems, that are available in manual or power versions. Matching swivel recliner chair also with easy height adjust function. Available in Himolla's vast range of leather finishes.


Tempur Cloud

When you sit on this sofa or chair, you'll discover why the Chester is one of our most popular sofa ranges. Covered in beautifully soft longlife leather with high backs and deep lumbar support. This range is seriously comfortable and you can add recliner actions for even more relaxing comfort.


Tempur Original

Incorporating everything you could need from a quality recliner chair, swivel, recliner, comfort and hight adjustable base all supported by the stunning steel spoked legged frame. Mix all of this with Himolla’s colourful leather selection and you have a very special piece of furniture.


Tempur Original

Wonderfully comfortable, this swivel recliner with optional footstool has a superb easy to operate recline function, that makes positioning and locking simple. Finished with a stunning long-life wooden frame. Available in Himolla's vast range of leather finishes.


Tempur Cloud

Incredible comfort with a sophisticated air of enriched designer styling. The slimline arms are not only delightful but mean the seating can be bigger without taking up all your space. Available in a selection of sofa sizes with recliner options and two matching swivel recliner chairs.


Tempur Sensation

A charming stand alone swivel recliner chair with an extending integrated leg rest, along with a hint of wooden frame that is intwined with the leather styling, to create one the most comfortable chairs of its type. Available in Himolla vast range of leather and wood finishes.


Tempur Cloud

Not just a chair, not just a sofa range, this collection has a wide choice of sizes and more options than most furniture. Shown here in the image, is the extremely versatile lift n rise power recliner chair, this is ideal if you need a little extra help standing.

Reliable Seating

Zero Stress

Built around German design, with seamless recliner actions; the ZeroStress collection is more than a range of impressive chairs. These chairs have been designed with everyday use in mind, this means they must be comfortable, adjustable, easy to use and in a size that is suitable.

Starting from the core, Himolla use a steel sprung unit that forms the backbone, this is placed in a mould which is precisely injected with an expanding high quality foam mixture. This foam is known as, “cold-cure”, the main benefit it has over standard cut foam is consistency which ultimately offers 2 - 3 times the lifespan. Top this with soft fabric, upholster it in high grade leather, keep it manual or add German produced power recliner motion assistance to create a touch button action chair.

Each chair is available in three different sizes. The ZeroStress collection is robustly built so you can simply relax, stress free.

Mosel Relaxing Man

Upholstery to Order

Tobi Chairs

Made Just For You

When you are a global supplier with a vast range of bespoke made, custom furniture how do you hold stock? The answer is, you don’t, everything you create will be for an individual order. Lets think about this for a moment: Start by trying to picture the scale, you need a factory, a really large space for machinery, component parts and materials, then throw in around 900 people to make the products. Remember there are just over 100 leather colour ways, over 20 wood finishes and metal base options. By the time you include the sofa and chair collections with all the options, you suddenly realise that the bespoke combinations run into thousands of permutations for each collection.

You can possibly imagine that even having one of each, made in every colour and in every size, would require a warehouse the size of a small town, think, how much money would be required to produce and store this? Needless to say, it can’t really be done, consequently every item is made specifically to order, which means there is an ordering process that can take anything up to 12wks, for delivery to you, average delivery time is 8-10wks. To confirm the current delivery, please contact Lenleys sales team for full details.

Style and Convenience

Himolla Shapes Design

Chester Woman

Over the years Himolla has built-in every kind of suitable functionality possible to make their collections perfect for everyday usage. Finding solutions that are both practical and stylish by design, but this isn't to say their innovation is complete.

Bringing new concepts and innovations has always been at the forefront of Himolla’s designs. Take the Chester and Humber (pictured here), they are available as standard sofas without any extras or you can have recliners, pretty regular options for Himolla. However the designers did not limit what can be achieved and set about adding a curved seating arrangement, still not happy, they included a fold down back that could house a flat surface, ideal for snacks or drinks while watching your favourite TV show.

The most notable part of these developments is everything has useful functionally, which is easily accessible without any added complexity. Despite the alterations in design you can still be rest assured of Himolla's beautiful design and unquestionable comfort.

Trapezoidal Woman

Lift and Rise

Himolla Humber Lift and Rise

Power to Stand

Often chairs with this kind of function are all about just that, offering little or no styling with quite limited functions. At Himolla, form and function are never relegated or substituted for looks. Afterall, why would you want to compromise on something that would aid your daily life in such a way?

The lift and rise models are available with powered dual motor option, which hands you total control at the touch of a button. The control unit can be neatly stowed away in the well designed side pocket, which flows seamlessly with the main stitching lines. It does not stop there either, these chairs are full recliners with extendable footrests. The dual motor version operates the back and the footrest independently from each other, which means unlike most standard recliners, you can extend the leg rest while the back remains completely upright or vice versa, you are in full control of your positioning at all times.

Quality of the motors ensure that they are whisper quiet and extremely reliable, with a battery pack available in the event of a power outage.

Quality Controlled

Leather Tanning

Being a German company, as you can probably imagine, Himolla are quite meticulous when it comes to quality control. Every element is measured at every stage of the process, starting as soon as materials arrive.

When leather hides are delivered they are irregular in shape and size, which means each hide needs measuring and inspecting for imperfections that may have been missed by the tannery. Hides then go onto the cutting tables and are reviewed closely, for yielding the very best from each one. Having cleared cutting, it’s off to the sewing department, the hides will be carefully sewn by experts, using precision machines that are especially designed to cope with the complexity of stitching leather. After which the upholsterers take control, testing the stitching is perfect, while getting yet another visual inspection of the leather.

The final stage after clearing the upholstery table is assembly of all the relevant components. Before any items are wrapped up for onward delivery, they must pass the final quality control point, this team of people spend everyday examining the finest details to ensure only the very best products leave the factory.

Himolla Leather Fitting

Driven By You

Neuschwanstein Himolla
Himolla Lorries

Everything Himolla do is driven by a desire to provide furniture perfection across the global market place. From excellent designs that are fit for modern day lifestyles, to providing comfortable furniture that you will want to enjoy for many years to come. Himolla have been producing upholstered furniture for over 60 years. There standards are exceptionally high and the quality is subjected to stringent and rigorous testing on a daily bases. All of which enables them to offer a customer guarantee above and beyond the normal period required by law.

The three-way himolla -5-year guarantee is granted on: all Longlife leather qualities, upholstery, springing and sprung interiors and all frame and non-moving bearing components Naturally due to the length of this guarantee, it is subject to suitable care and maintenance in compliance with the care instructions

Leather from the Longlife by Himolla collection offers a unique quality, a piece of nature brought to life in your home. It breathes, is hardwearing and skin compatible making it relatively easy to maintain. Each individual skin bears its own special natural features and giving your item of upholstered furniture a totally unique quality.

Himolla Range