Mosel Cumuly 7348 Cumuly Manual Recliner Seat with Gas Sprung Back Maxi

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The Himolla Mosel showcases German quality and design with smooth swivel motion and easy to operate reclining back, but that's not all this chair has to offer. The clean sweeping curved arms are created but carefully crafting and shaping the wood, before adding the real long life leather covering over an ergonomically fashioned metal framework which has been encased in cold-cure moulded foam, this foam is very durable and creates a seriously comfortable seating and back support, not only does it do this, but it also works well with the flexible head and footrest that allow you to tweak your seating position to your perfect setting. Clarkes Himolla display can be viewed now in-store at Sandling Road, Maidstone. Our expert team receive details training on Himolla products to ensure they fully comprehend the range and are ready to assist you with details about the collection.

  • Swivel Recliner with Adjustable Foot and Headrests
  • Wide Selection Of Leather Grades and Colours
  • Solid Beech Show Wood Frame Available in a Wide Range of Colours
  • Quality German Design and Build
  • Custom Made To Order Delivery Normally Around 12 weeks
Product Dimensions - Depth 87cm X Width 75cm X Height 107cm