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TV & Media Units

TV & Media Units

For many of us the living room is a place to enjoy a whole variety of media in, from watching a great film, to listening to our favourite music, playing video games and even catching up on a bit of TV. While having a lot of media available, or a great TV to watch it all on, gives us great selection it’s important to have somewhere nice to store everything away. At Clarkes we understand this which is why we offer such a wide selection of TV and media units to suit all entertainment pursuits and furniture tastes.

As with every piece of furniture that we sell, we want to ensure that your TV and media unit not just echoes your personality and style, but also matches the high standard of quality that all of your living room furniture offers. To ensure this we only sell TV and media units from some of the most talented furniture designers and manufacturers from around the globe, including Nathan, Ercol and more.

Below you’ll find links to the great choice of TV and media units that we sell at Clarkes. All of our TV and media units can be purchased individually, but some have been designed to be purchased as part of a set, so be sure to check the rest of the range for more ideas if you find a design that you like.