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Barnett Nathan began designing furniture back in 1916. He aimed to design beautiful, elegant furniture which offered a high level of quality and value, and that vision is still evident to this day in all of the products that Nathan produce.

The present day Nathan and their sister company Sutcliffe Furniture are located at Frostholme Mill which is on the border between Yorkshire and Lancashire. Based in the village of Cornholme, Frostholme Mill was a cotton mill which found itself drawing the attention of the rest of the world when the industrial revolution took place. 90% of all the cotton was produced within just a few miles of the Frostholme Mill in the second half of the 1800s, mainly due to the location providing such a complimentary climate. The plentiful water supply and steep valleys provided the ideal combination for the production of cloth and cotton yarn.

Built back in 1861 and utilising a steam powered weaving shed, the mill boasted a high rate of production for its time with 400 looms, which grew to over 1,000 looms by 1887 and led to the employment of more than 600 individuals. Right up until 1968 Frostholme Mill continued to produce high quality cotton and it was one of the very last mills to stop weaving cotton in the area. Following its closure the Frostholme Mill switched from cotton production to producing high quality furniture, and it continues to do so today.

Frostholme Mill is one of the largest furniture manufacturers in the UK and presently produces beautiful high quality furniture that echoes the principals and standards set forth all the way back in 1916 by Barnett Nathan for the present day Nathan and Sutcliffe.

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