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Tempur was born from Nasa research meant to keep Astronauts comfortable during the strain of lift-off, since then they have pioneered the next generation of beds, mattresses and pillows, boldly supporting the future of sleeping via space exploration.

Changing the way we sleep and challenging the age old spring systems, which have been around since the mattress was first conceived. Tempur have been key innovators since conception, using technology to create an incredible, comfortable and healthier mattress. This extraordinary collection from Tempur has captured the global market and is now available in over 80 countries worldwide.

Tempur use pressure relieving, temperature sensitive, open celled viscoelastic core materials in all of their mattresses and accessories. The materials basically eliminate painful pressure points, by shaping to your body and offering the best possible support.

Tempur Certified by NASA
Tempur Adjustable Bed

Tempur Adjustable Bed

Interactive beds, come in the form of adjustable, internal motor driven, multi point mechanisms, with easy to operate control units. Ultimately this hands you precision control, with the ability to adjust and position areas such as head, hips or legs. You are in full control of the stopping points via the touch button hand-set which channels the smooth German motors that power the motion system. If you fancy even more luxury from your power adjustable bed, why not select one of the massage versions.

Only the best components are used, which means Tempur can give a 10 year frame and 5 year motor guarantee, providing you with peace of mind, knowing that you are buying quality products with long term performance cover. Featuring a wide selection of contemporary colours along with options such as drawers and even an ottoman for excellent storage. Clarkes Furnishers has experience with technical beds systems, this means when you purchase from the Tempur collection your bed will be fully assembled in the room of your choice, and all unwanted packaging will be removed and recycled.

Weightless Sleep

Everyone sleeps, some, better then others, it affects us all slightly differently, but in the main, we need our all important sleep. Born out of NASA, Tempur has created a material that can cope with the widest range of microscopic movements, it will react with pressure from body weight and body heat. Originally used for pressure relief during the extreme force of rocket take off, this amazing material was eventually developed for beds. Tempur employed this material to form mattresses that gently shape themselves to fit your body, giving you support in all the right places.



Tempur Original

Perfectly formed to produced a slightly firmer option in the Tempur Collection. Offering excellent support without compromising any quality, suitable for people who need that little bit of extra firmness without any dipping.


Tempur Cloud

Sublime comfort, providing a softer, luxurious feel, while remaining supportive. Ideal for those who prefer a more instant feeling of relaxation but want a pillow that will keep it's shape over time without sagging or bulging.


Tempur Sensation

A unique crossover between the sensation of a traditional spring mattress and the innovation of pressure relieving, temperature sensitive, open celled viscoelastic, all wrapped in luxurious soft fabric.


Tempur Hybrid

An infusing of the advanced Tempur materials with the latest Precision™ coils spring system, creating the best of both worlds, enhancing pressure relief and instance comfort, in a very stylish, extraordinary mattress.

Convenient Technology

Tempur Waterproof Mattress Protector

Waterproof Mattress Protector

Easy to wash removable bed cover

TEMPUR-FIT™ Mattress protectors are composed using natural fibres that are breathable as well as absorbent. Produced in white, featuring an intelligent membrane which prevents any migration of liquid into the mattress, using one of the thinnest options of its type, available today.

As depicted in the picture; see how easily these coverings stretch, with sizes to fit all TEMPUR mattresses. Designed to sleep on directly, in the same manor as a normal everyday bed sheet, equally it can also be used as an extra layer underneath your favourite bed linen.

Tempur Hybrid Luxe

Easy to wash unzippable bed cover

Tempur Hybrid

Mattress development is a crucial process that unleashes new potential to supply an even wider collection and choice. The new Hybrid range, offers the latest combination of high quality micro coils spring systems that are intelligently combined with Tempur's memory foam. This provides a unique marriage of movement and support that will adapt quickly and perfectly to your body shape.

The new Hybrid mattress is, by its very design, a truly unique technological advancement that infuses all Tempurs experience, along with sleep science to offer unparalleled comfort, providing an amazing nights sleep. Clarkes Furnishers are now displaying the Elite range from the Hybrid collection and our bed experts will be delighted to discuss and guide you through the full range of beds from Tempur.

In addition to the these mattress collections at Clarkes showroom there are also Bedsteads, Headboards, Adjustable Power Operated Options, Pillows and Tempur accessories including Mattress covers.

What People Say

Tempur Testimonials

When customers discover how much better they feel after a deeper, fuller night’s sleep, they seem much happier to share their experience.

Tempur Customer Testimonials

#We Love Sleep

At Clarkes Furnishers we can talk all day long about how good any of our products are, but at the end of the day, the only opinion that really counts, is from the customer who purchases the item. We all like to read reviews these days, but sometimes it can be difficult to understand what people mean, especially without seeing them to express themselves, in person. Also, to be considered is, will their review relate to you personally? Will it be useful and can it help you make the all important right choice? Maybe, but we think these video reviews offer greater insight, as you can see first-hand, how delighted and happy they are with their experience of a Tempur mattresses.

Tempur Genoa Bestead

Static Bedstead

Inspiring, fashionable, contemporary designs that offer a beautiful styles suitable for all Tempur mattresses, finished with stunning fabric and modern leg options.

Tempur Moulton adjustable electric bed

Electric Adjustable

Power at your fingertips, multi-point adjustable bed collection, for those who like to be in control. Massage system available for an added touch of luxury.

Tempur Moulton electric ottoman bed

Electric Ottoman

Maximise bed storage space, all at the touch of a button, take advantage of Tempurs electric ottoman base collection, now available in a fabulous selection of sizes and colours.

10 Year Guarantee

At Clarkes we recognise investing in a Tempur bed or mattress is a long term decision. To ensure that you can shop with absolute confidents we only use top quality brands that can genuine provide high quality products that will last for many years to come. To demonstrate this Tempur offer an extended manufacturer’s quality guarantee.

For full details of the Tempur Guarantee offered on all products, please click here

10 Year Guarantee Tempur

Pillow Talk

It’s all in the Head

Often missed off the shopping list when purchasing a new mattress or bed and yet the humble pillow affects one of the most important parts of the body, the control centre that makes everything else work, yes you guessed it, the head. Tempur as you would expect offer a wide range of pillows which all provide excellent comfort and support. Although they have varying shapes, we are showing the classic rectangular design that we all know and love.

Like the Tempur mattresses the pillows are also wrapped with a luxurious removable, washable fabric cover. Conveniently these pillows are all in standard sizes, which means your current, traditional pillows cases will easily fit.

Comfort Pillow Original

Tempur Pillow Original

This patented TEMPUR envelope contains thousands of micro-cushions. Like a traditional pillow you can fluff the Comfort Pillow Original just the way you like it. Your favourite bed linen will also fit, as they are a standard pillow case size.

Ergonomic Pillow

Tempur Ergonomic Pillow

The result of Tempurs thorough research into the science of sleep; this ergonmic pillow is all about providing the perfect support to your neck and spine as you sleep. Designed for back and side sleepers, to work with the contours of your head and neck.

Comfort Pillow Cloud

Comfort Pillow Cloud

TEMPUR ES (Extra Soft) material, creating a Pillow Cloud, balancing wonderful softness, yet retaining supportive and dreamy feeling you’ll just love to curl up with at night. The Cloud pillow is ideal for those who sleep on their back or front.

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