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More than 100 years of first class luxury, Vispring created a style that been copied the world over since its conception in London 1901. Producing the worlds first pocket sprung mattress, which has continually been improving ever since.

Travelling first class has long been considered the grandest way to get around, for those who have enjoyed this kind of experience, you’ll appreciate how your journey ebbs by in splendid comfort, leaving you arriving fresh for the day ahead. Vispring brings you this style and grace, to what on average, is one third of your life, given over to sleeping. Quality of sleep will almost certainly elevate you to be more alert, focused, energised with a healthier approach to your daily life. With over a century of expert craftsmanship, Vispring certainly have what it takes, with a string of commissions for palatial six star hotels, royally and the ultimate in cruise liners, such as the RMS Titanic as well as millions of customers across the planet, demonstrating their abilities to hand makes bespoke beds to suit all tastes, styles and qualities.

View the stunning collection via these image links or carry on discovering how Vispring have become renown the world over for the very best bed.

Vispring Shetland Bed
ViSpring Logo Crest

ViSpring at Clarkes

Clarkes beautiful Vispring studio, proudly presents a collection of fine quality beds on the first floor. Our bed experts have all attended the extensive factory training programme, ensuring their detailed knowledge of the Vispring range, is, accurate and as informative as possible. These are serious beds with many facets and complexities, including custom options from basic spring tension selection, to detail shaping and sizes. Clarkes, highly trained team are equally keen to ensure you achieve the best performance aspects to suit your personal requirements. Including details explaining about methods of maintenance, which will give you the maximum lifespan for these amazing beds, meaning you get the very best from your purchase. Buying a new bed is not easy as it’s not an everyday purchase, at Clarkes we really respect this and are ready to spend time going through all the elements and if you need a break, not only can you relax on the beds, but we also have complementary, hot drinks such as tea & coffee, so relax, its stress free shopping, even the parking is free while your in-store.

ViSpring Wool British

Worth Visiting The Store?

Buying some products online can be pretty straightforward, however beds, think about this for moment, on average people spend approx a third of their lives sleeping, this surely indicates how important a good quality bed must be for achieving a good night’s sleep. Would you really trust this too a few images and words online? Especially considering the choice available these days. Therefore at Clarkes of Maidstone we would strongly recommend you visit the store and try as many mattress options as possible while taking advice from our dedicated bed expert team. Also worth thinking about, Vispring mattresses come with a range of custom features, including a varying sizes with a wide range of fabrics, tensions, storage, numerous luxury mattress toppers, pillows, protectors and beyond this there is a stunning range of headboards that are scaled perfectly to stylishly complete the look, all of which can either be seen or explained at the showroom.

Divan Sets

Baronet Superb

Vispring Baronet Superb Divan Set

A perfect blend of hand nested 54mm vanadium steel micro coils, horsehair and British fleece wool and cotton. 2 rows of hand side-stitching and air vents. Sat atop a fine upholstered, hand nested pocket spring divan base also filled with British fleece wool and cotton.


Vispring Devonshire Divan Set

Hand nested 54mm vanadium steel micro coils, British fleece wool and Platinum Devonshire wool. 2 rows of hand side-stitching and air vents. The divan base features Platinum certified British fleece wool and hand nested pocket springs with fine quality ticking.

Regal Superb

Vispring Regal Superb Divan Set

Two layer, hand nested pocket spring construction, featuring up to 2107 48mm springs. Natural fillings include British fleece wool, South American horse tail and real Shetland wool. Base features 950 hand nested springs, Platinum British fleece wool and cotton.

Tiara Superb

Vispring Tiara Superb Divan Set

Featuring two layers of hand nested 60mm pocket springs, real Platinum Shetland wool and cotton as well as hand teased horse tail, hand tied woollen tufts and twine. 3 rows of hand side stitching, air vents and a divan featuring 1344 hand nested springs and British wool.


Vispring Shetland Divan Set

48mm vanadium micro coils, hand nested and hand side-stitched with 3 rows of stitching and air vents, as well as real Platinum Shetland wool for luxurious comfort. The pocket sprung base features generous, softly needed British fleece wool, for the ultimate sleeping experience.

Herald Superb

Vispring Herald Superb Divan Set

Hand-nested calico pocket springs, 51mm diameter springs, a luxurious blend of British fleece wool, horse hair and finest quality ticking. 2 rows of hand side-stitching and air vents. Divan base is filled with fleece wool and 950 hand-nested pocket springs.

The Process

British Sheep

Nature Rules Inside

As you would expect, only the finest natural ingredients are selected:
• Wool - 100% Platinum Certified British Fleece which hypoallergenic and very durable.
• Bamboo - As a fibre, it has excellent absorbent / wicking qualities.
• Cotton - Turkish long-fibre cotton, soft, durable, absorbent, breathable & wicking.
• Vicuna - Lanolin free Wool, superb insulating, absorbent & hypoallergenic.
• Mohair - Warm in winter/ Cool in summer, resilient, soft & wicking.
• Cashmere - Silky fibre that is soft, light, absorbent, smooth & insulating.
• Silk - Soft but seriously strong, adapts to ambient temperature.
• Horsehair - Perfect for shape recovery after sleeps compression

All these natural fibres, are expertly selected for their unique qualities, then brought together in a perfect marriage, to complement each other, creating outstanding luxurious comfort, while ensuring excellent support, everything you could wish for in a mattress or complete divan set.

Man holding wool ViSpring
Hand-nesting pocket springs
Enclosing natural materials within the mattress

Expert Craftmaship

Taking a look at the process reveals the shear complexity behind Vispring’s production, highlighting why they are considered to be so exceptional. Gathering all the finest materials together in one place, does not automatically mean you’ll create the best of anything. A “Michelin Star” chef, not only needs years of training, but also excellent recipes to create fabulous servings of delicious food, equally Vispring similarly require, a large helping of expertise a dash of really skilled craftsmanship, mixed in with a long history of generational techniques that have been honed to perfection, before they can serve up the perfect bed. The images shown here, depict the hands on approach that is required to manually put together such a high quality, pocket spring mattress. Working with natural fibers will always test the skills of an individual.

Another area that requires serious skills, is having the ability to hand stitch along the mattress sides, this can be up to six rows per mattress. It’s a job that can absorb hours of time, absolute precision is required to ensure the edges are firm, neat and aligned, making this a key critical point. At this point the springs have been pocketed and aligned, with multiple layers of fillings, such as wool, bamboo, silk etc. these are now in place, top and bottom, the outer cover has been cut and sewn, fitted with handles, comfort layers and vents. All of this means, that even the smallest error, could ruin the mattress. Side stitching, when done well, provides excellent edge to edge surface for sleeping on, which if you consider a standard double bed is 135cm wide x 190cm long, that only gives a couple sharing 67.5cm each, that's less room than a standard 90cm single bed.

Comfortable Foundations

ViSpring Mattress and Divan Side Cut

ViSpring Mattress and Sprung Divan Cut To Show Inner Workings

Based on Comfort

Strong foundations are a core element to supporting your Vispring mattress and is an important part of the recipe, as the right marriage between mattress and base will optimise the overall performance of the set.

ViSpring Pillows

Luckily Vispring mattress are already married off with the prefect partners, meaning the hard work, in the main, has already been done. However these are bespoke mattresses also offer varying tensions and not every individual will be happy with these partners, but don’t worry can opt for alternative bases or use bedstead frames instead. Either way the bed experts at Clarkes will help you understand the options, enabling you to make an informed decision to find the perfect partner for your mattress. A good coupling, of base and mattress creates a unit that will work in harmony together, this collaboration will maximise comfort, performance and lifespan.

Vispring bases contain similar elements to the mattress, i.e. pocket springs, natural fillings, which are all wrapped up in luxury materials. Supported by solid wood frames, using premium seasoned to avoid movement over long periods of time.

Bedstead Mattresses

ViSpring Bedstead Mattress

Not all mattresses are suitable bedstead frames and unfortunately not all bedsteads are capable of hosting Vispring mattresses. Deciding factors are mainly down to strength and type of support, clearly the weight of any good quality pocket spring mattress is likely to substantially more than foam or open coil spring mattresses. This means that if the bedstead is not built from strong materials it may fail to support the combined weight of the mattress and users at the same time.

The support rails or slats also need to be able to support the weight and in particular the slats should be less than 8cm apart and preferably these should also be shaped (sprung) slightly curved to offer some movement to aid comfort. Now you have checked to key element and hopefully your prized bedstead ticks all the strength and stress tests. You are now ready to consider one of the fabulous bedstead mattresses from Vispring’s specially developed collection. Like the divan set collection you will find the same quality hand nested pocket springs and natural fillings, all of which have been carefully adapted to preform equal as well on your bedstead. Other accessories to consider are base protection cover pads, these help reduce the risk of the bedstead damaging the mattress cover and they improve weight distribution and support.

ViSpring Bedstead Mattresses

Protect and Improve

ViSpring Mattress Protector

Mattress Protector

2cm Deep, reccomended by vispring to keep your mattress in perfect condtion. Quilted cotton with a pure, new wool filling

ViSpring Heaven Topper

Heaven Topper

5cm deep, 3 layer mattress topper. 3 layers of carefully needed Platinum British fleece wool. Cotton/Silk contrast piping

ViSpring Heaven Luxury Topper

Heaven Luxury Topper

7cm Deep, 3 layer mattress topper. 3 layers of needed Platinum British fleece wool and cotton. Cotton/Silk contrast piping

ViSpring Heaven Luxury Supreme Topper

Heaven Luxury Supreme Topper

10cm Deep, 5 layer mattress topper. 4 layers of Platinum British fleece wool with a Horse tail core. Cotton/Silk contrast piping

Custom Additions

ViSpring Divan Leg Options

ViSpring Bed Leg Options

Bespoke To Suit

Customisation, have it all, just the way you like:

• Tensions can be applied across the whole mattress and on larger sizes dual tensions can be selected
• Zip and link mattress and base elements
• Add storage with a wide array of quality drawer options
• Fabulous luxury fabric selections available across the whole collection
• Beyond standard sizes, virtually any size or shape can be produced, pricing on request
• Four poster bed frames, mattress shaping around corner posts for a perfect fit
• Base height and depths variable options
• Legs and castors selection available
• Finishing touches such as valances, skirted corners and mantle concealers
• Coordinating headboards

With this incredible array of bespoke elements, creativity is only limited by imagination. Vispring have pushed every boundary for divan sets, mattresses and bed accessories, offering you the best of the best and at Clarkes Furnishers the team is ready to help set your imagination free, to create the prefect bed.

ViSpring Divan Mantle

Divan Mantle Concealing Gap